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Sex is the natural cure for insomnia

Sex is the natural cure for insomnia

Sex is the natural cure for insomnia

Bedtime sex activity increases oxytocin and decreases stress-related cortisol, reducing insomnia symptoms and sleep disruption.

Even in good conditions, many people report having difficulty sleeping and having constant sleep. Pandemic stress just makes things worse. But insomnia advice rarely mentions a possible, non-drug sleep aid that is free and affordable for most people: sex, whether with a partner or alone.

After orgasm, oxytocin and prolactin levels rise while cortisol levels fall. Common sense tells us that increasing mood-boosting hormones and lowering stress hormones may help us sleep better. But data on sex and sleep are limited, in part because of taboos around the subject.

So far, only a small study of 10 people has examined sleep after sex, using multisomography – the test for diagnosing sleep disorders, which measures brain waves, heart rate, and other indicators. Published in 1985, the study concluded that masturbation does not have a significant effect on sleep.

However, the study had significant limitations beyond its small size. The researchers may have stopped participants’ sleep after masturbating by removing an anal thermometer. In addition, the study compared post-masturbation sleep and post-reading sleep – which is known to cause sleep – and this may have mitigated the differences between intervention and control.

Recent research suggests that sex may reduce stress and help people with insomnia fall asleep and stay asleep. Although the database is small and some studies lack objective measurements, a 2016 review by the University of Ottawa concluded that sex is a “potential alternative or complementary to other insomnia intervention strategies.”

It is a conclusion that many people come to on their own. A 2019 study found that both men and women find that they fall asleep faster and sleep better after orgasm, whether they achieve it with a partner or alone.

According to escorts in Athens, this connection is worth exploring, as many people find it difficult to faithfully follow the usual tips for healthy sleep. Maintaining a specific bedtime routine, exercising regularly, and avoiding bedtime screens are practices that require long-term commitment to perform. Maybe if we exchange the time we spend in front of a screen with some kind of sexual activity we can have more immediate results.

Incorporating such advice into clinical guidelines is another matter. According to escort girls, former president of the Canadian Sleep Society, “with so many taboos around sex, it will be difficult to open this door.

On the reasons that sleep tips rarely mention sex, escort ladies cites the inaction of experts, as there are other options available, and the lack of thorough research. Nevertheless, he acknowledged that the new generation of clinicians and researchers may be more interested in researching this issue.

According to athens escorts, various ethical issues often hinder research that includes sex, video recording as well as researchers entering the area where sexual activity takes place. There are also technical difficulties, such as taking blood samples to measure hormonal activity during and after orgasm, without interrupting sleep.

Expensive portable polysomnographs can help with these difficulties by bringing the lab into the bedroom rather than the other way around. But escorts believe that reducing the stigma surrounding sex in relation to sleep remains the biggest obstacle that needs to be overcome.

Experts believe that these discussions should start with the medical school and the years of the specialty. Discussions about the importance of healthy sexuality are lacking in medical education, and the emphasis is mainly on sexually transmitted diseases and sexual dysfunction. In this context, sex is considered bad, so no one talks about it.

But a more positive view of sex is gaining ground as experts have begun to talk about sexuality in student groups and medical conferences. If we practice as experts to say words like anal sex, masturbation and clitoris without blushing, then maybe our patients will be open to discuss this important part of their health, they claim.

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