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Rent a car in Santorini and visit all villages


Rent a car in Santorini and visit all villages

The towns of Santorini are incredibly varied. Taking into consideration that this is an island of hardly 28 square miles, with a population of about 15,500 people crammed close together in regarding loads places, the different personality of each settlement is interesting.

Book in advance a Santorini rental car and see them all.

Due to the fact that it can make a large difference in the kind of holiday you have as soon as you get there, the differences among the communities are additionally worth recognizing prior to you to go to.

Incidentally, there are no real towns on Santorini. The whole island (as well as the nearby island of Thirassia that faces it throughout the caldera) belongs to one town, Thira (likewise the official Greek name of the island and also the posted destination of ferries and trips from within Greece).

Nonetheless, for site visitors, it’s beneficial to comprehend exactly how these settlements differ.


The colourful town of Oia is perched on the high cliffs of Santorini’s volcanic caldera, on the northern pointer of the island. The village is a noted historical monolith, and its domestic alleys as well as lanes were the first in Greece to be provided as a historical historic monolith by the Hellenic Tourism Association.

The town established as a mostly seafaring area with troglodyte homes below the major street (pedestrianized Nomikos Street) sculpted into the face of the caldera real estate sailors as well as staff. The even more considerable, bourgeois houses above are referred to as captains’ homes as well as were developed for officers and shipowners.

Being high up, they had an excellent view of their vessels passing from the port to the other islands in the Cycladic chain and northward to mainland Greece and the rest of Europe. After the separation of the Ottomans in 1850, Santorini supported more than 150 vessels that brought the island’s wine across the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

Ironically these days, it’s one of the most distinguished and elegant 5 star hotels that creep over the face of the caldera.


Points to Do:

Oia today is well-known for sundown watching from the damages of Oia’s Byzantine castle, possibly the most well-known area on Santorini. On the days when cruise liners dock in Santorini, the streets are as packed as Times Square on New Year’s Eve.

From Oia, there are 300 steps unwinding to Ammoudi Bay, a pleasurable little port and also beach with a taverna offering fresh fish and shellfish. Do not worry, there is also a road to take your rented car, so you don’t have to return up the steps after a good night out.


Imerovigli rests at the highest point of the caldera with the absolute best views of Nea Kameni, Santorini’s black volcanic island in the center of the shallows. There are those that will also inform you that the sunset sights from Imerovigli are much better than those of Oia.

This is an extremely quiet, primarily property area with exquisite resorts hiding behind nondescript entrances that offer absolutely nothing away. Several of Santorini’s best resorts are right here in the caves listed below the clifftop course on the face of the caldera.


Things to Do:

The town has a few mini-markets, a hair stylist, a sandwich shop, and a few restaurants. There is very little to do below close to bask by your personal hot tub or resort swimming pool, yet the village is a short distance by a hired car to Fira.

It’s a three-kilometer walk downhill. Do not attempt to stroll back up in the warmth of the day. There is no shade at all if you do walk down. Better arrange to take Santorini Cars.

The damages of this medieval castle are actually absolutely nothing even more than a remarkable rocky cliff that is something of an icon of Santorini. Skaros castelli is possibly the earliest of the castle stays on the island, and at one time, a whole town was developed on its inclines.



If you walk any kind of range, take the clifftop path rather than the paved road. There are no walkways, and also it can be extremely stressful when cars and huge buses come barreling along the narrow roadway.



Between Imerovigli as well as Fira lies the peaceful settlement of Firastephani. On the edge of this town is the Monastery of Agios Nikolaos, founded in 1651. It’s not open to the general public, however its blue domes make excellent memento photographs.

Firastephani sits atop several of the most break takingly steep high cliffs on the caldera. There are very few homes and hotels established right into these cliffs. When you go into the village, there is a small, tree-shaded “veranda” on the edge of the cliffs.

If you are take a road trip from Imerovigli to Fira, it’s a good location to relax, have a great drink and take pleasure in the sights.


Points to Do:

Just north of the village, visit the Underground Exhibition Tunnels of the Thera Foundation at the Petros M. Nomikos Conference. There’s a splendidly framed view structure from the photo home window at the end of the event.


Fira is the funding of Santorini. It’s likewise where you can catch a bus for 2 euros to practically anywhere else on the island.

Fira is the busiest town on Santorini and there is a lot to do.



Fira has 2 of the island’s impressive museums. The Museum of Prehistoric Thera showcases most of the finds uncovered on Santorini’s impressive Minoan site, Akrotiri. They consist of painted porcelains, amphorae, vibrant wall paints, and precious jewellery.

In the Archaeological Museum, discovers from digs on Santorini include:

  • sculpture from the Archaic to the Roman period
  • engravings from the Archaic to the Roman duration
  • vases and clay figurines dating from the Geometric to the Hellenistic periods

The white and red geometric formed archaic ceramic is particularly intriguing. The towns of Santorini are remarkably varied. By the way, there are no real towns on Santorini. After the separation of the Ottomans in 1850, Santorini supported more than 150 vessels that carried the island’s red wine. The vessels moved across the Aegean and the Mediterranean.


Things to Do:

Oia today is famous for sunset watching from the ruins of Oia’s Byzantine castle. It is possibly the most renowned place on Santorini. Take a Santori airport car from the time you arrive on the island and visit at your own time all the sights and villages you wish.

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