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Ideas about dresses you should consider


Ideas about dresses you should consider

Spring is a season (φορέματα) that fills us with carelessness and pleasant feelings. The flowers bloom, the weather improves and our spirits rise. Thus, an airy dress will put us right in the climate of the season.

Airy spring dresses in various colors. Maxi dresses in floral patterns, maxi dresses for formal occasions, mini dresses for more modern and everyday looks.

 Blue spring dress

In Spring, you can wear a long-sleeved, but made of thin fabric, light blue maxi dress. It is a dress for a strict look that will surely highlight you in every formal appearance. At a wedding, at a baptism, at a corporate meeting.

Airy dress in animal print with cut

The animal print is in fashion for one more season and in Spring it is especially suitable. Nature “awakens” and the animal print will put you in the spirit of the season for good. A modern cut on the side will make your dress even more beautiful and s3xy.

Mustard vintage dress

The vintage culture is definitely in fashion for another season and we love it very much. Airy long-sleeved dresses with vintage designs in mustard shades which has been our favorite color for many years. For chic but also everyday appearances with attitude and style.

Burgundy dress with lace

For a more formal occasion, lace is definitely on the agenda. Don’t be afraid to play with colors. So choose a romantic burgundy dress with lace. It is a wonderful but also romantic dress whose burgundy color will highlight the colors of your skin.

Floral spring dress

You can of course choose a floral vintage dress this Spring for any occasion. Even on a walk with your girlfriends, this dress will make you stand out. It is a romantic dress with an attitude that will surely make you turn heads.

White airy dress

White is a color that definitely suits Spring and Summer as well. Especially in May, when we will start to get our first color, a white dress will emphasize our tan and make us take off our every look.

Red mini dress

If you don’t wear a vibrant color now when will you? Choose a bright red color for your everyday but also for your more formal appearances and you will definitely not regret it. Also, a mini dress in red will put you in a spring mood for good.

Colorful dress

Of course, you can also play with colors in Spring. So if you are invited to a wedding or a christening in May, you can definitely choose a dress with different colors that will elevate your appearance and make you attract attention.

Dress in brown and white shades

Of course, brown is an earthy color and since nature celebrates Spring, it is certainly a color that you can choose and fully match the climate of the season. A modern maxi dress in brown and white.

Pastel yellow dress with bows

Bows are a trend in 2022 so you can definitely give a pastel yellow dress with bows a chance. It is a romantic dress for your everyday appearances. You can even wear it to work!

Navy maxi boho dress

You can choose a light summer boho dress with flowers, in sea color, for work, for a walk, on vacation, or for your obligations. It is quite vintage but anyway in recent years vintage and boho aesthetics are often combined.

Red boho dress

Don’t be afraid to choose a fiery boho dress that will attract attention in your every day occasion. It is a modern dress that will emphasize both your style and your independent personality.

Orange mini dress

Orange is a wonderful color and you can choose a boho orange dress that will attract attention. Because the one below is monochromatic, you can combine it with other boho accessories, such as the bandana and others.

Boho dress in a narrow line

You can choose a chic dress in a narrow line with boho patterns that you will love very much. It is a dress ideal for any everyday occasion that will attract attention and emphasize your figure.

Boho dress in pastel color

Pastel colors are in fashion for another year. A boho light dress with long sleeves is a unique choice for August evenings on vacation, which always have a chill.

Burgundy dress in boho designs

Burgundy is our favorite color all year round. So we can definitely give it a chance in the Summer, especially when we’re talking about a maxi boho dress that will keep us cool and refreshed.

Dress with open back

The open back on dresses and blouses has started to become a trend for a few Summers and we welcome it back with great joy. Choose a stunning dress with classic boho designs and your back is like a jewel in it.

White dress

Many times a dress can acquire the style we give it and this is also true with the following idea. It is a white dress that with the right accessories can look very boho. Don’t be afraid to choose it.

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