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Four Fun Babysitting Games To Play On The Job

Four Fun Babysitting Games To Play On The Job

Four Fun Babysitting Games To Play On The Job

Babysitting jobs can seem long and even uncomfortable at times if you do not actively take steps to make the experience fun for the children and for you. The perfect way to set everyone at ease and to quickly bond with the children who you are caring for is to play a few games. While you need to gauge the interests and ability levels of the children before recommending games, these are some of the options that you can consider.

Age-Appropriate Puzzles and Board Games

Chances are that several puzzles and games are stored in a closet or cabinet that the children love to play, and they may jump at the chance to do so with you. You can ask the parents before they leave where they store their puzzles and games and which ones are the kids’ favorites. You may even bring a few games and puzzles with you. When children have access to new activities, they may be more engaged and excited about participating.

Hide and Seek

Hide and seek is an excellent activity that older and younger children can participate in. Before you get started, establish ground rules. For example, you may require that everyone stay on one floor of the home and that the person only needs to be found rather than tagged. For toddlers, you may simply hide a specific toy and hunt for that item together.

I Spy

This is a quieter game that almost everyone can participate in. You can tailor how challenging it is based on the child’s age and abilities. It can be played outdoors when the weather is nice or indoors at any time of day. An alternative is to bring a search-themed book with you. These books are usually more challenging, so they are better for older children.

Freeze Dancing

If you are looking for a fun, active game that will help children burn off some extra energy, freeze dancing is a wonderful idea. You turn on age-appropriate music, such as through your smartphone. You and the children can dance as silly as you want to while the music is playing, and you will immediately freeze when the music stops. Rather than simply stop, everyone can freeze in the exact position they are in when the music stops for added fun.

Some babysitters will bring a bag of games, books and other activities with them, and others will use the items inside the home. When you actively play with the children who you are spending time with on your babysitting jobs, you can develop great relationships with them, keep them entertained and pass the time in constructive ways.

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