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10 Off-Caldera Places for Best Selfies


10 Off-Caldera Places for Best Selfies

Record the best minutes of your holiday and share outstanding memories of Santorini. Share your selfies with those you like, your household, your close friends and even your social networks neighbourhood! Taking a wonderful selfie can be difficult and selecting an exceptional place is imperative. Santorini tour offer a wide range of tours to choose the one that suits your preferences.

The caldera of Santorini, one of the most photographed locations in the nation uses many chances for a terrific image. Yet if you are aiming to leave the beaten track and develop really unique snapshots, try these 10 off-caldera spots for the best selfies!

  • Megalochori with its enchanting little square, particularly at night, and also its gorgeous steeples.
  • The monastery of Prophitis Ilias with its panoramic views of the whole island.
  • The Lighthouse of Akrotiri, for an image at the tip of the island and also by one of the most beautiful lighthouses in the Aegean.
  • The lunar scenery of Vlichada coastline with the impressive water-beaten rock formations.
  • The cliff-hanging church of Agios Nikolaos near Megalochori.
  • The small sanctuary of Ammoudi that utilized to be Oia’s old port and also the neighbouring Baxedes beach.
  • The below ground canavas of Santorini, located mostly in Megalochori and also in chosen wineries around the island.
  • The ideal, hidden-from-the-world beach of Cambia, a harsh walking behind the rocks of the popular White beach.
  • The remains of the medieval castle of Pyrgos, with its slim rock paved alleys and little churches, however likewise with remarkable breathtaking views to the terrific vineyard of Santorini.
  • Explore the underwater world of Santorini. For some the location of the real shed Atlantis- and impress everyone with the most impressive subaquatic selfies!

Catch the beauty of Santorini as well as its millions faces. Memorialise your amazing experience with one of the most stunning and best selfies!

Winter season in Santorini: Amazing Beauty and also Feelings!

If you thought that summertime in Santorini is amazing then you will be blown away by its winters!

The winter season on the island of Santorini is a magical event. The large crowds of tourists are gone, most of the summer season venues are closed and all that is left is the wild savage spirit of Santorini, standing happily in the midst of the Aegean Sea.

As the temperature goes down, the ambience obtains clearer. Everything appears brighter, virtually cleaner. Going through the cobblestone alleys of the picturesque towns as the wind sweeps your face instantly brings every little thing into perspective. You can admire the minimalistic architecture, the spectacular landscapes, the contrast in between the imposing tranquillity of the caldera and the troubled outcry of the sea.

What can visitors see in Santorini in winter?

Visitors in Santorini during the wintertime experience a remarkable feeling of time travel. Few points advise you of today, and the daily life appears better suited to numerous centuries past.

Especially in the mainland, in enchanting towns such as Megalochori, Pyrgos or Emporeio the sensation that takes over all your senses is nostalgic awe.

In the withering tops of Santorini the breathtaking sights are jaw-dropping. The caldera surrounded yet completely untouched by the soaring waves, cloudy by endangering clouds that will soon be gone leaving just the renewing energy of the rain.

Enjoy the hospitality in Santorini

The citizens appear to have a different personality also. Milder, calmer, much more laid back, as the dynamic days of summertime have actually taken with them all sensations of rush and also necessity.

Their jolly friendliness remains still the like throughout the summertime, otherwise increased, inviting every site visitor with an easy smile. They share every insider’s suggestion they have, and also treating them with shots of ouzo or raki or a glass of their house white wine.

Winters in Santorini might not be your regular snow-filled and freezing chilly ones. However they are still as fantastic as this unique island might ever be! Santorini tours offer a variety of day tours at the most wanted villages and sightseeings all year around.

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